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GlutenFreeSpots.com is a search machine addressed to people who follow a gluten free diet. It concerns everyone who follows a gluten free diet, either by choice or due to intolerance, and wants to continue having social activities, like meal with friends, excursions and trips, without his diet to impede him.

GlutenFreeSpots.com searches, finds and proposes the best gluten free places in Europe. Here you may find a complete guide with restaurants, bistros, patisseries and hotels that offer delicious gluten free menu. You just need to define your location and then you make the choice you prefer, through the list we propose you!

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Our list is continuously enriched with new places and as the site is based on a clever interactive operation environment, the users may provide their own feedback with comments and rates for the places they have visited.

Live, entertain and travel safely by choosing places that respect your diet, with GlutenFreeSpots.com.

Follow your gluten free diet easily and fast everywhere!