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Terms of Use

Welcome in the website GlutenFreeSpots.com

Please read carefully the following terms of use. Navigation in the website and use of the services offered imply the full and unconditional study, knowledge and acceptance of its terms of use.

The present terms of use may be amended anytime without prior notification. Consequently, you are kindly requested to check regularly the present website for any amendments in the terms of use.

1. Copyright

The content of the information and services provided by the website GlutenFreeSpots.com, other than the expressly mentioned exceptions and those that are obviously owned by thirds (including, texts, graphics, images, drawings etc) are copyright of the website GlutenFreeSpots.com and are protected by the applicable national, European and international law. The website’s content is available and intended only for personal use. Any use, exploitation, re-publication or reproduction in any way of our website’s content, without the prior written consent of the management of GlutenFreeSpots.com, is expressly prohibited.

2. Visitors/Users’ obligations

The website GlutenFreeSpots.com’s visitors/users shall comply with the present terms of use, as well as the applicable regulations and provisions of Greek, European and International Law and are liable for any damage caused to the website GlutenFreeSpots.com due to improper/unlawful use of its content or services. 

3. Content provision and availability

Despite the fact that the utmost effort for the opposite will be given, the website GlutenFreeSpots.com does not warrant that itself or any information and/or service existing in it, will be provided without interruption or/and errors. Moreover, it does not warrant that the files available in the website or as references to other sites, do not include viruses, malware or other damaging components. The website GlutenFreeSpots.com does not undertake the responsibility for any damage suffered by any user from viruses or other malware.

4. Cookies

Your navigation in the website GlutenFreeSpots.com implies that you accept the use of cookies (For more information see details in Personal Data Protection Policy page).

5. Links to other websites/third websites

The website GlutenFreeSpots.com does not check the content, the personal data protection policy, the quality and completeness of services of other websites where it may link to and which bear the full responsibility for the provision of their services. The website GlutenFreeSpots.com does not bear any responsibility for the content of other websites or the accuracy of information existing in them, nor is it in the position to affect the content of the websites it may refer to. The placement of other links in the website, in no case may imply approval or acceptance of the content of the relevant websites by each administrator of GlutenFreeSpots.com, who bears no responsibility for the content, accuracy or correctness of their information.

6. Use of services-Navigation-Newsletter

The website GlutenFreeSpots.com offers to administrators of other websites the availability to register and publish the content of their website, summary or description of their services, through the application Submit Your Post. The website bears no responsibility for this content and services. 

For the completion of the above procedure, the filling of a short application form where some fields shall be filled in, is necessary. Each user is liable for the confidentiality of his account, in order any spambot by thirds to be avoided.

The information published on the website is based on information provided exclusively by the users. For this reason, the users have access to an Administrator Website through which they have the sole responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, availability, reliability and correctness of the content they publish as well as the update of all the information provided through the website. 

The users are liable for the assignment of rights of the entire content (text, photos, links etc). they post on the website GlutenFreeSpots.com . At the submission of the above information, the users accept that they bear the full responsibility for the whole content and date they send.

In case the website GlutenFreeSpots.com has sufficient evidence or apprehend or knows that the information provided are untrue, inaccurate, invalid or incomplete, it has the right to delete, remove, block and forbid any use or access to the website of this user. 

The data filled in the above application form Submit Your Post as well as the Contact  Form are subject to the personal data protection law (see in detail at the page Personal Data Protection Policy).

In the meanwhile, every visitor of the website has the availability of commenting through a specific comment platform and/or rating. This option is free. The website GlutenFreeSpots.com mentions that it does not adopt the opinions shared through the comments and retains the right to delete and remove without prior notification and without being obliged to provide justifications, slanderous, offensive, immoral and/or abusive comments as well as comments that breach the applicable law or contradict with the smooth operation of its content, whenever it takes knowledge of them.

For avoidance of unprovoked advertising or unwanted mass mail (spam), comments with references as links to third party websites as well as photos or videos with insulting, provocative and / or abusive content are expressly prohibited. The website GlutenFreeSpots.com reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to exclude or expel from the site, without any warning and without the obligation to state reasons, people who offend, slander and / or degrade the quality of its content and / or services or are even addressed to others with insulting, defamatory or immoral way.

Finally, every visitor/user of the Website may receive informative email regarding the content and services of the website through the website GlutenFreeSpots.com and the option “Subscribe to our newsletter”. In case you no longer wish to receive these mails, please send request at: info@glutenfreespots.com.

7. Liability

GlutenFreeSpots.com is a search machine addressed to people who follow a gluten free diet. Besides the abovementioned reasons of disclaimer, the website GlutenFreeSpots.com is in no case liable for the accuracy, quality or reliability of the content and/or services provided by other websites to which it may link.

Under no circumstances, including negligence, the website or each administrator is not liable for any damage may the visitor/user of the pages, services, choices and contents of the website suffer; he enters with his own initiative, sole responsibility and knowledge of the terms of the present document. Specifically, GlutenFreeSpots.com is not liable for damages caused by visiting its website or/and use of its services or content or information included in it.

All the information, comments, data, messages and any other content submitted for registration by you, is your sole responsibility. The content you send, register and publish through the application “Submit Your Post” is expressly agreed that is your initiative, without creating the obligation to us to pay rights to you for the reproduction, registration and publication of them by the website. In case you no longer desire the promotion of your website, through the website GlutenFreeSpots.com, you are pleased to inform us through the Contact application form or the e-mail address: info@glutenfreespots.com.

Subsequently, GlutenFreeSpots.com does not warrant nor may verify the accuracy, quality, availability, correctness or reliability of the information or services provided by thirds and reserves the right to exclude from the website, at its absolute discretion, any visitor/user who violates the present terms without prior notification and without the obligation to state the reasons.

In case you observe any violation of the terms of use or content opposite to the above mentioned, or you note any inaccuracies or incomplete information regarding any of the suggested thirds’ websites, you are kindly requested to inform us immediately.

8. Applicable law and rest provisions

The above terms and conditions of use of the website GlutenFreeSpots.com as well as any amendment or alteration of them, are subject to the Greek and European law and the international treaties.   It is expressly agreed in the present that any dispute emerges regarding the present agreement and the website use in general, is solved by the Courts of Athens.

Any provision of the above terms that may be opposite to the above legal framework or becomes invalid, lapses automatically and it is removed from the present, without in any case derogating the power of the rest terms.

The present forms the complete agreement between website GlutenFreeSpots.com and the visitor/user of the website and its services and binds no one but them. Any amendment of these terms will be taken into account and form part of the agreement, only if in written and incorporated.

The Greek text supersedes any other translated text.

For any question or information you may address to: info@glutenfreespots.com

or send us a message through the Contact Form.